20 braided hairstyles for black girls for different occassions

20 braided hairstyles for black girls for different occassions 20 braided hairstyles for black girls for different occassions

Every black girl understands that braiding hair is part of the culture. There are countless unique hairstyles that black girls try, but braiding will always be the queen of all. Black hair is flexible and stable enough to support multiple hairstyles without breaking or getting loose. This is why braided hairstyles for black girls can be worn during any season.

The flexibility of black hair has been a blessing for every African. Mothers teach their children how to braid, who later teach their children and future generations. One thing that women look for when trying new hairstyles is protective hairstyles.

Braided hairstyles for black girls

The creativity that goes into styling black hair is not to be underestimated. African hair stylists have, for the longest time, created intricate and artistic styles that look good on every girl. Here are different types of braid styles for black hair:

1. Fulani braids

Want a feel of tribal African hairstyles? The Fulani braids are the go-to. This is achieved when one straight-back braid is paired to descend on your head. You can make it more stylish by having a cute flower or star-shaped pattern braided on the sides.

The hanging braids are an excellent addition, especially if you have a noticeable forehead. Grey or silver beads will complement the look and make you chic.

2. French braids

This is a quick fix for cute braided hairstyles for black women. French braids will take you minimum time and make you look spectacular. The beauty of French braids is that you do not need actual braids to achieve this look.

Black girls with either medium or long hair can have their hair braided and still look great. The braid is for those who appreciate volume and fancy having different colours.

3. Havana twists

They are long, voluminous, and pretty. Havana twists are for girls who want a full-looking head. The twists are thick, soft, and easy to style. One way of looking stunning in this style is by having medium-sized cornrows on a section of your head and getting the thick twists on the opposite side.

4. Crotchet braids

They are easy to install and undo. The trick to doing crotchet braids well is to pick braids that are light on the head. You can top the look by going for curls, adding a spring-like effect. Crotchet braids are also neat and easy to style.

5. Regular twists

Regular twists do not have to look regular anymore. You can do so much after the braiding. The first thing is to have a part. Have a side part or centre part and see the difference it makes. If the twists are long enough, have different styles like the half-up, half-down style, messy bun, pony, and even a side sweep.

6. Feed in braids

Also known as knotless, feed-in braids have become one of the most modish styles for black girls for a cool minute now. The hairstyle does not seem to disappear anytime soon, as the braids look fresh and elegant.

Feed-in braids are created by adding hair extensions to the natural hair and plaiting them together as one increases the amount of extension after plaiting for a while. The long braided hair can be tied into two buns at the tips of the hair for a more modish look.

7. Yarn braids

Something about yarn braids makes one’s personality louder than usual. Besides having a different feel from the usual synthetic braids, yarn braids make one hipper. You can also blend in different colours when doing the yarn braids.

Try to go for the seven rainbow colours when getting yarn braids next time, and you will see how many heads will turn.

8. Faux locs

You want to look good but are not committed to getting full locs yet, so why not try the faux locs first? The locs are just as fine-looking as the real locs and will last you 3 to 6 months, depending on how well you maintain them.

When having faux locs, your natural hair is twisted, and the additional hair is wrapped around the twists or braided hair for the final look. Count this look among the cute braid hairstyles of black girls.

9. Dutch braids

This look is another of the many superb braid hairstyles for black women. If you are a fan of French braids, you have probably considered having Dutch braids once.

The difference between the former and the latter is that the stylist will cross sections of hair over each other with French braids, while with Dutch braids, they will cross the hair underneath. Dutch braids are also known as reverse French braids or inside-out braids.

10. Cornrow braids

If you are looking for protective hairstyles, you have probably thought of cornrow braids. They are a great choice for a style for those with both long and short hair. Cornrow braids are made thin and braided closer to the head.

One can go for any colour, depending on preference. You can also add different patterns and accessories like beads and rings

11. Ghana braids

This may look like a basic hairstyle, but it is one of the most protective hairstyles that black women adore. Ghana braids scream neat, cultured, and different.

The cornrows initially allow for different plaiting techniques like crisscrossing and styling. You can make your braids thicker than the above, and the result will still be good.

12. Half up, half down braids

This is for the girls who appreciate a two-in-one hairdo. You get your cornrows, and instead of tying a bun, your stylish finishes the look with hanging braids. Notice that the cornrows are not straight but curvy.

The braids also have curls at the tips and are a great look for women's braided hairstyles. This is just to make the look more appealing. Add a few hair accessories on the bun if you want to go the extra mile

13. Waterfall braid

As the name suggests, the side braids drop down like a waterfall. This is just one of the many braided hairstyles for black girls who enjoy having a good time at the salon. The side braids are well-balanced, and the bun is the perfect fit for this look.

14. Criss-cross goddess braids

It is not just how thick the braids are or how well-designed they are; these crisscrossed goddess braids make a statement. They tell a story of originality, feminity, and embracing blackness. Goddess braids are for girls who love glamour and enjoy a little attention.

15. Box braids

The classic box braids never go out of fashion, can be worn in both formal and casual settings, and last a good time before you can think of the next hairdo. Box braids are a friend to every girl as they go with every black girl hair texture.

The length of your hair is also not a factor, as anyone with short, medium, and long hair can have these braids fixed and still look as stunning as the next person.

16. Mohawk braid

Gone are the days when Mohawk hairstyles were only reserved for rock artists and pop stars. Black women today have found ways of being creative with their hair, experimenting with different styles and trying what many had not considered.

Mohawk braids are that hairstyle you go for if you are a bold woman who wants to show off how much your hair can be styled.

17. Braided bun

Whether at the top, the crown or the nape, styling a bun gives one a flashier look. Think of your bun as a pony, and make it as firm or loose as you wish.

A bun will not only give you an extra appeal but also enable you to relax your hair, thus making it grow without interference. Braided buns should be a thing if you are looking for braided hairstyles for different occasions.

18. Bantu knots

What better way of paying homage to the motherland than through your hair? Bantu knots are a native hairstyle across Africa, and with a modern twist, you can rock this look to every occasion.

The hair is sectioned and twisted, and each twist is wrapped to make the knot. If your stylist is creative enough, they can come up with a dozen styles and patterns, so you appear distinct from the rest.

19. Nubian twists

Nubian twists may look like the usual twists from afar, but a closer look makes you notice the difference. The twists have tight coils that make them, unlike other twists. The texture and length also make this hairstyle stand out.

Nubian twists are much more firm and less soft than regular twists. Most girls also choose to have them in a short or medium length, the most preferred length being just above the shoulders.

20. Triangle braids

Triangle braids are one of the many different types of braids for black hair. The major difference between Triangle braids and regular box braids is how the hair is sectioned.

This kind of braids is still classic and classy. Try this look when you have exhausted every style of the usual box braids. You will also look more feisty and upgraded. The length and thickness of the braids are all up to you.

Final word

You can never run out of ideas when it comes to braiding. Multiple braided hairstyles for black girls will always be trendy for young and older women. Before going for a style, consider the type of braid, your hair texture, and the length of your hair. These three factors determine the final look after the braiding process.

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