Minecraft Things To Do If You're Bored

Minecraft Things To Do If You're Bored

Now that Minecraft's developer Mojang is a subsidiary of Microsoft, it opens up new avenues for a sequel. Although the thought has been entertained, it appears as if Microsoft has no plans to make the game into a series. Instead, spin-off games like Minecraft: Story Mode and Minecraft Dungeons have carried on the Redstone torch. Still, there's no shortage of fun things to occupy oneself with while playing.

Minecraft is one of the best-selling games of all time. Outside of mining and building are perilous places like the Nether world and the End. In Survival, players must forage to survive an onslaught of mobs and starvation. For players who have logged countless hours into the game already and seeking other things to do—here are some amusing options for those bored and eager for new Minecraft experiences.

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Updated May 3, 2024, by Ben Painter:Experienced players of Minecraft may reach a point in the game where they don't have a lot to do. With the new update, 1.21, on the horizon, gamers are waiting patiently to experiment with the new features and explore everything new that is added to the game. Using experimental features, players can get some features in the new update early, including the armadillo, trial chambers, new dog skins and the mace weapon. But for players who don't have access to the experimental features, here are things that gamers can do in Minecraft if they are bored.

Collect Every Type Of Wolf

You Will Need: Two Wolves

As part of the 1.21 update, the long-awaited feature of different types of wolves has been added. Just like how cats have various breeds in the game, wolves also now benefit from this.

There are nine different wolves to collect: the pale wolf found in the taiga biome, the rusty wolf in jungle biomes, the spotted wolf in savannah biomes, the black wolf in old-growth pine taiga biomes, the striped wolf in badlands, the snowy wolf in snowy plains, the ashen wolf in snowy taigas, the woods wolf in forest biomes, and the chestnut wolf in old-growth spruce taigas. To celebrate the new update, gamers can search high and low in their worlds to collect every type of these new wolves. They can even dress them up in wolf armor, which can be crafted from armadillo scutes.

Take Part In Trial Chambers

You Will Need: Trial Chamber Structure, Combat Supplies

Another highly requested addition for Minecraft was the inclusion of some more combat-based tests in the game. This came in the form of Trial Chambers. Similar to a raid, gamers would be put up against various enemies and be rewarded with a trail key, which can open vaults to receive a wide variety of prizes.

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These rewards are the usual: emeralds, gold, diamonds, and enchanted books, but there are exclusive items that can only be found within the trail chambers. These include new banner patterns, armor trims and a heavy core, which is used to craft the new melee weapon, the mace. Trail chamber rewards can be boosted using the Bad Omen effect. This, of course, increases the difficulty of the enemies.

Create An Art Gallery

You Will Need: Building Blocks, Paintings

There is something about collecting each variation of an item in Minecraftthat is perfect for those looking for something to do in the blocky world. Gamers can collect each painting and create an art gallery to house them in. This will look perfect in city builds, adding to the immersion of the world.

There are 25 paintings in the game, so it will take some effort to create a building to store all of them. The paintings themselves do not require much work, as they are generated randomly when crafted from eight sticks and one block of wool. The real effort here is creating the building.

Build A Sports Arena

You Will Need: Building Blocks

There isn't much reason to create a sports arena in the game. There is no real way to play soccer, football, or basketball in vanilla Minecraft. This build will be purely aesthetic. Most major cities in the world have at least one sports arena, so it's fun to create one in a Minecraft city.

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Gamers can create their own arena, or replicate one of their favorite sports teams' arenas in real life. Either way, the player's decision does not change the fact it will take a lot of building blocks and a lot of time. Players won't be bored for long with this task.

Get Rich By Trading With Villagers

You Will Need: Emeralds, Various Trading Items

The currency of Minecraft is emeralds, and the easiest way to obtain lots of money is to trade with villagers. Each villager has a different job and will require different types of items to be traded with. For example, the Fletcher's base item is sticks, an easy item to obtain. In no time, the player will have a lot of emeralds.

Villagers' trades will be locked after a certain amount is traded, so it would be wise to create a villager trading hall and fill it with various professions. This way, there will be no waiting around to trade all items collected. Being rich means that gamers can then buy all that they want and show off their stacks of emeralds to friends.

Build A Zoo

You Will Need: At least one of every Animal, Building Blocks

Animals come in all shapes and sizes in Minecraft and a fun and challenging thing to do is to collect each animal and build a zoo to put them in. Designing each exhibit uniquely to fit the needs of each animal. Doing this in survival Minecraft could pose a big challenge, as some mobs are harder to find than others.

The axolotl and the panda, for example, are tricky to locate and then gamers have to transport them to the area of their zoo, but it will be worth it if gamers are up for the task. The same idea can be implemented for hostile mobs and aquatic mobs also, this will certainly keep even the most experienced players busy.

Build Auto-Farms

You Will Need: Lots of Redstone

Once gamers get to a certain point in the game, it may be time to automize some of their farms, meaning that the crops will be harvested completely on their own, ensuring players will not be short on supplies.

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An easy farm to make is a wheat farm, which uses Farmer Villagers to harvest the crops automatically and store them away, they will even dispose of any unused seeds in a composter, making some bonemeal in the process. But an automated farm can be done for most items in the game, such as wool from a sheep, an observer will recognize when the sheep has eaten some grass and send out some shears from a dispenser to claim some wool.

Try Out Experimental Features

You Will Need: stable version of Minecraft

Experimental features are a useful setting in Minecraft which allows players to access new things in the game before they are officially released. If players are using a stable (retail) version of the game, then they can enable this feature in the settings.

This is super handy as gamers can preview what is to come in Minecraft, such as the new mobs, the Armadillo and the Breeze, Trail Chambers, new copper blocks and the crafter. Games can mess around and get to grips with the new features before the official release. However, it is wise to back up the world before doing so as the new features are not fully ready to be installed and may cause some bugs and glitches.

Build An Elytra Wings Course

You Will Need: Elytra wings, Building Blocks

Once gamers have defeated the Ender Dragon they will have access to End Cities, which is where the Elytra wings are located. This item allows players to fly around the world, with the aid of fireworks, but they may be tricky to control for new players of the game.

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So, a fantastic idea would be to build an Elytra course, high up in the sky to train people to use the item better. Creating rings or checkpoints to fly through, using a timer to try and beat the player's personal best. Not only will it have a practical use in the world, but it will also look great as a part of a base.

Take Part In A Raid

You Will Need: Bad Omen effect from killing a Raid Captain, a village

A simple method of potentially getting some awesome loot is through a raid, which can be activated by killing the Raid Captain of a Pillager Outpost, easily located by the banner on their back. This will give players the Bad Omen effect, and when entering a village it will trigger the start of a Raid.

Gamers must defeat waves of enemies and are rewarded with Emeralds, Totems of Undying and several other great items from Pillagers, Ravagers and Evokers. Be careful when selecting which village to undertake the raid in as it will cause some serious damage and harm any other mobs in the village. There is a plus side to doing it in the village the player regularly attends, as the prices of villagers will be decreased.

Find Pottery Sherds And Armor Trims

You Will Need: brush, suspicious sand or gravel

Archeology has arrived in the game, and it is worth exploring, as using the brush tool to reveal some treasures inside suspicious sand or gravel.

These can be found in a few different structures including Trail Ruins which are mud and terracotta structures meant to represent old and worn down villages, Hidden inside are the new Pottery Sherds which are used to create Decorated Pots and have 20 designs to find. Armor Trims are also found which are different patterns that gamers can use to finally customize their armor.

Defeat The Wither And Build A Beacon

You Will Need: Wither skulls; soul sand or soil; gear; glass; obsidian; iron, gold, diamond, emerald or netherite

One of the big bosses of the game, the Wither has to be created by the player using Wither Skulls and Soul Sand, but the reward for defeating one is worth it tell fold.

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The Wither drops a Nether Star which is essential for creating a Beacon, the Beacon sends a beam up to the sky meaning the base can always be located. But that is not all for the Beacon it can also offer a boost for the player to increase mining speed, jump boost, increased strength, increased resistance, and regeneration. This is no easy feat as the Wither is insanely tough and the Beacon pyramid required to activate the powerups are costly.

Create Some Banners

You Will Need: A loom and some wool

Banners are a great way to make a base a unique one, as multiple different designs can be created, even flags for countries to represent the player's nation.

To create a banner players will need a Loom and some wool and then the world is open, choose from a multitude of different designs. Try creating a unique one to use as the world's emblem for a clan.

Find A Buried Treasure Map And Search For Treasure

You Will Need: A Shipwreck or Ocean Ruins, a shovel

X marks the spot—a Treasure Map is an amazing way to get some great loot in Minecraft but acquiring one is tricky. They can only be found in Shipwrecks or Ocean Ruins. But on that scuba gear and get searching.

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The loot hidden in the shores holds a heart of the sea an item that is used to create a conduit that allows the player to breathe underwater. It's an incredibly useful item for those who plan on building their home base beneath the waves.

Search For Generated Structures

You Will Need: Nothing

There are so many generated structures to find in Minecraft and a fun thing to do is make a checklist of them all and tick off the ones that have been found. One of the rarest is a woodland mansion, which is a massive dungeon that contains so much loot that gamers will not know what to do with it all.

The structures aren't exclusive to the overworld and Bastion Remnants and Nether Fortresses are simply a few of those found in the other dimensions. Each structure has its own reason to go to so make sure to explore them all.

Find Ancient Debris And Make Netherite Gear

You Will Need: Access to the Nether, high level for crafting

One of the longest grinds in Minecraft is the grind of good gear, and though it might be tough, it's extremely rewarding. If players haven't acquired a full set of Netherite gear just yet and they're feeling boredom slowly creeping in, then it's the perfect time to head to the Nether and start searching for Ancient Debris.

Note that players will first need to get diamond gear, and upgrade their diamond set into a Netherite set. Netherite ingots also require gold ingots, so while players are in the Nether they should also keep an eye out for any gold.

Build A Home In A Different Dimension

You Will Need: Access to the Nether or The End

Speaking of the Nether, if players are getting tired of living in the same place and want an excuse to build something again, why not make it into a challenge of living in another dimension? They can choose to either set up a house in the Nether or even travel to the End dimension.

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While building in these dimensions and even surviving and thriving in them won't be an issue, be careful not to sleep in a bed in the End or the Nether, as that will lead to a violent explosion that might destroy everything in the vicinity.

Play On Mini-Game Servers

You Will Need: Access to Minecraft Multiplayer

Minecraft has a massive and colorful community, so there's no need to experience the game alone. There are always people to play with and the best place to find and make friends is to join a massive multiplayer server like Hypixel.

Hypixel is also a hub for various mini-games and larger game modes that are popular with Minecraft, including bed wars. Players can hop on the server and navigate the hub until they find something that appeals to them.

Search For Ancient Cities And The Warden

You Will Need: Nothing

The 1.19 update finally released the Warden officially to the big audiences of Minecraft, and it's a challenge of its own to deal with this powerful mob. He's even tankier than the Wither, so players have a real threat to deal with once again if they've defeated every other boss mob in the game.

Moreover, the new update also added ancient cities and deep dark biomes. Hunting these structures down can be a lot of fun and a cool challenge, though players should come prepared with their best gear and a ton of wool to remain stealthy.

Challenge Friends To Minecraft PVP

You Will Need: Access to Minecraft Multiplayer

One aspect of Minecraft that doesn't get enough love is its PVP side. Usually, there are dedicated servers where players will engage in PVP with its own rules and even a unique meta. Anarchy servers are particularly famous for this.

However, players don't need to go super hardcore with PVP when starting. They can simply challenge their friends to a duel or two, with limitations and rules as to what kind of armor, enchantments, and consumables they can use.

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